January 6th, 2019 – The Famous US Route 66 Self-supported!!

20180526_115135(5/26/2018 – In Bar Harbor, ME, having just completed our 35-day, 2,200-mile Atlantic Coast “epic journey #3” ride)

Well, it’s about 2-1/2+ months away from our next “epic journey”. This one, our fourth, will be the most ambitious to date – the famous Route 66. We’ll start on the Santa Monica Pier and hopefully finish in Chicago at the Buckingham Fountain along the edge of Lake Michigan!!

Our 3 previous, long-distance, multi-week rides (Bar Harbor, ME, to Seattle in 2015; Seattle to Ocean Beach, San Diego in 2017 and last year’s St. Augustine Beach, FL, to Bar Harbor, ME) were for the Bike The US For MS organization for which we very much enjoyed. With them, we had full support: a van & trailer carrying our gear and rest stop support vans along each day’s ride. So, all we had to do was ride each day to a specific town and lodging destination (be it a church, community center or even a barn!!).

This time we’ll be going fully on our own. Yes, that means carrying our own gear and food on our bikes using racks and panniers (bike bags)!! We’ll have to plan our own daily destinations and lodgings as well as rest stops! Fortunately, we’ll two things going for us: 1) excellent route maps from Adventure Cycling Association, and, 2) we’ll be travelling with one other wonderful couple from our local bike club, Peggy and Jerry, who are very experienced at this type of  “touring”. They’ll be our mentors!

Weight will be a huge consideration in what we bring. We’ve been continuing to assemble our gear: panniers, handlebar bags, a lightweight tent and sleeping pads, etc. A few months back Fay got a new Trek 520 touring bike which came with front and rear racks already installed. We’ve also used gear information from Peggy and Jerry which they’d documented on their blog of a recent cross-country ride. It’s nice to have reference material to guide us as well as their experience!

We’ve also read blogs from other cyclists who’ve already ridden Route 66. It’s nice to get their info and perspectives about the towns they’d seen and stayed as well as places and sites they’d encountered. That’ll help greatly in our planning.

We’re excited about taking this next step in our cycling adventures!! So, if you see the two of us out on our bikes heading out to or returning from Rancho Murieta and beyond, or, out and about around Elk Grove, Folsom, El Dorado Hills or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to give us a wave and gentle horn taps of encouragement!!

We hope you’ll follow us on this new journey!

Until our next post….


2 thoughts on “January 6th, 2019 – The Famous US Route 66 Self-supported!!

  1. What a great trip! You two are an inspiration. Have fun. Be safe. Am going to finish the PacCoast Route this year–San Francisco to San Diego with BTUSFMS. Have to do it in increments for now. All the best, Colin


    1. Great to hear that you’re completing the Pacific Coast! You’ll get the chance to see Big Sur (if CalTrans hasn’t close the roadway again to repair some cracks which have appeared in what they’ve already redone!). It was a bummer that we had to miss it back in 2017, but, our bike club is doing a tour where we’ll be going down CA-1 through Central California in October. So, we, too, will hopefully get to see it as well. Safe journeys to you!! Fay and Rob


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