February 3rd, 2019 – It’s only a month away!!

PB-n-J n F-n-R #2-cropped(Us and our friends, Peggy and Jerry: The 4 Route 66 Musketeers!)

Tick-tock, tick-tock! The countdown continues to the start of our next adventure. Getting our training rides in has been a lot tougher this year as compared to 2018 as the wet and cold weather has hampered the days when we’ve been able to get saddle time. But, we somehow manage squeeze them in as we can as well as getting to the gym (we know it’s important to keep up our weight training as well and our weight down!).

The first major decision by the four of us was determining a departure date! We’ve been following the weather, in particular around the northern Arizona and northern New Mexico areas! We watched about a week or so ago that Flagstaff got around 3’ of snow!! That was already on top of what that region had previously received when that polar vortex slammed the Rocky Mountain states all the way down to Flagstaff, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, all the towns through which we’ll be riding!

Even though we don’t want to ride in snow or extreme cold temps, we also don’t want to depart too late which would bring us more into tornado season or the heat in the Midwest! So, we all agreed upon an April 3rd date for ride day 1!

We’ve been continuing to acquire our gear: front and rear panniers, more compact/lighter sleeping pads, a new 3-person backpacking tent (1/2 the weight of the one we’d previously used), dry sacks, a new Jetboil Sumo cooking stove, etc.

As for lodging, we have our April 2nd night’s stay set, the hostel there in Santa Monica which is conveniently less than a ½-mile from the Pier! It looks like a real nice place and close to a lot of eating places.

What’s really wild is that back in 2017 when we rode the Pacific Coast route with Bike The US For MS, we were on the beach bike path which is about a couple of blocks from where the hostel is located. That path took us right past the Santa Monica Pier itself without us even realizing it let alone that it was the terminus for the Historic Route 66! Didn’t even stop to take a picture there! Well, not this time.

Until our next post…


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