Tuesday, April 2nd – Day 0 – Arrive in Santa Monica

(The minivan loaded with the bikes and gear.)

Best part of the day: For the most part, a fairly easy drive with one detour

Worst part of the day: Learning of a fatal accident on the 405 freeway which had that freeway closed in both directions. This caused us to detour from our intended route, but, still made it safely. While on our side streets detour, our minivan stalled out at an intersection! Couldn’t get it into gear!! Oh no!! It took what seemed like 5 minutes, but, was more like about 2 to get going again. What a relief!!

Distance: approx. 390 miles Riding time: 0hrs 0min Driving time: approx. 6.5hrs

Bed count: 1 Sleeping Bag count: 0

Taking I-5, light rain was with us for about the 1st 2-3 hours of the drive. After that, clear skies were with us the rest of the way. Our friends, Peggy and Jerry, were ahead of us taking CA-99 and told us about that accident on I-405 and helped us with an alternate route eventually making to the HI Hostel Santa Monica. This place is real close to the beach, restaurants and night life! So, finding a parking place in this very busy area to unload our gear was our first order of business. And we got lucky with a spot real close!!

(The entrance to the Hostel whch is only a block from the beach!)

Got our gear and bikes unloaded, checked in, bikes put into their storage room and headed up to our room to stash our gear in the room’s individual lockers. Peggy and Jerry arrived just after we did!

(In our hostel room, 3 bunk beds. Hope no one falls off of the top bunk!)

Since we both rented minivans from the same rental company, it was off to return the vehicles. Then it was foot power (i.e. walking) back towards the hostel for the four of us. On the way, Peggy had mentioned about this restaurant, Barney’s Beanery. Found it and decided that would be our dinner place. And a nice place it was! Good food and good coversation.

(Some of the decorations at Barney’s)

Returning to our hostel room, we all started preparing for tomorrow’s BIG DAY, our two-month Route 66 adventure!!

Breakfast tomorrow at the hostel is at 7:30. Temperatures look to be in the low 60s which is a nice temp in which to cycle when we load up and ride the 1/2 mile to the Santa Monica Pier for pictures at the “unofficial” end of Route 66. Then it’s off we go!!! Let’s hope for fair weather and following winds!

Until our next post…


6 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 2nd – Day 0 – Arrive in Santa Monica

  1. Looks like you guys are ready to go.. again it’s amazing what you’re doing after looking at what you have to pack on your bikes.. I don’t know how you guys do It..
    You got this 👍


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