Thursday, April 4th – Day 2 – La Verne, CA to Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino

Screenshot_20190404-203747_Ride with GPS

Best part of the day: Nice weather and very nice Pacific Electic bike trail

Worst part of the day: Rob getting two flats within a couple of miles of each other.

Distance: 31.8 miles      Riding time: 3hr 21min

Beds: 0   Sleeping Bags: 2

KOA staff gratefully stored our bikes in their store room overnight. A somewhat chilly morning greeted us. So we had our breakfast once again in their mail building. Also did a load of laundry last night so we didn’t have to dip into our clean clothes supply.

With a short day today, we didn’t get started until around 9:30.

Over 15 miles on a nice bike path, the Pacific Electric bike trail. Still had to pause/stop at roadway crossings. Turned towards our destination and started the approximate 1,000′ of climbing over a 5-6 mile stretch. We passed a Stater Brothers grocery store a couple of blocks back locking for another grocery store which wasn’t there anymore. So, turned around and headed to Stater Bros. to stock up for our evening’s meal plus make it a lunch break. This where Rob encountered his first flat just before pulling into the parking lot!! Arrrrgh!! While the others went shopping, Fay helped Rob flat. Now, fixing a flat with a bike loaded with panniers involve removing all of the bags and things strapped down on the rear bike rack so that we can turn the bike upside down for easier tire remove!!

With tube replaced and shopping done, we returned to our route only go another couple of miles before Rob’s rear tire flatted again!! Double arrrrgh!! Think we found the source of the problem (rim tape shift again, same as with our last shake-down ride!).

IMG953354(Fixing flat #2. Notice all of the bike bags off the bike??)

With another tube in place, we resumed on our way. Heavy traffic and very little road shoulder for about a half mile made the gradual uphill ride a bit scary. But, pretty much all of the cars played nice.

Arriving at the park, checked in, got our site (wanted to have water and power at it) and rode the quarter mile to it’s entrance (the campground is not actually in the park itself). The wind continued to pick up and we actually would up setting up in a different site than what was given us because it had a little better wind protection.

20190404_161244(Our campsite for the night)

After pitching tent, got a nice hot shower while Jerry and Peggy prepared the pasta dinner we all were sharing along with an Asian salad (bagged), roast chicken and Chips-Ahoy cookies for dessert!

IMG954472(Dinner time!!! Note how bundled up we are!! It’s cold outside!)

The wind has pick up even more and it’s gotten awfully cold now. Down-right freezing!! It’s just about 7pm still with light, but, we’re all looking a climbing into our tents early to get out of the chill.

Anther short distance ride tomorrow, but, climbing over the Cajon Pass to get to Victorville. Forecast is for low 60s but with double-digit winds which will be behind us!!! Yay!!

Until our next post…


6 thoughts on “Thursday, April 4th – Day 2 – La Verne, CA to Glen Helen Regional Park, San Bernardino

  1. Two flats 😩 but hey it’s an adventure already! Great pictures. Hope it warms up a little for you. Looking forward to the next post. Safe travels!


  2. Hope you having ag odd trip. As of today 4/6/19 I have not received a box from Peggy or Jerry. That’s if they sent one.


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