Monday, April 8th – Day 6 – Amboy to Fenner

Screenshot_20190410-115651_Ride with GPS

Best part of the day: Our guardian angel ladies under the I-40 overpass and Kelbaker Road

Worst part of the day: Kelbaker Road

Distance: 46.9 miles    Riding Time: 4hr 52min

Bed count: 0                  Sleeping Bag count: 6

A fairly quiet night behind the “hanger” at Roy’s Motel and Café. Had our breakfast at an outside table right in front of the convenience store! Took a few more pictures there, including the Roy’s sign.


An 8:20am start probably ought to have been at least an hour earlier or more as the temps were not very cool. We started out on the National Trails Highway (Route 66) for about 5 miles before having to take a detour because of the NTH was closed at Kelbaker Road. This road was the worst part of the day because the temps were rising along with the elevation of the road. It was an 11.5-mile ride back up to I-40 where the road grade went from 1% up to 4% with no shade.

There were some wonderful views of the mountains in the distance beyond all of the scrub brush that surrounded us.



We thought we had enough water for today’s ride, but, we were sadly mistaken!! It took us over 2-1/2 hours to reach the interstate! We had some extra water at the ride’s start, but, it was running low by the time we took a food break under the interstate’s overpass. 20190408_122926_6398

Then came our guardian angels! As we were eating, a couple of ladies pulled up in their car asking how to get to Las Vegas. They said they had taken a detour and weren’t sure of which way to go. Rob went over to help them out and asked if they had enough water for their journey. He then slyly asked if they had extra! They gratefully for us said “yes’!! They provide us for bottles, 3 of them were frozen! We thanked them profusely and off they went!

Before continuing on, we look up to see if there was a freeway rest area on our route. Good new/Bad news results. The good news was yes there was. The bad news was that it was about 27 miles down the interstate! So, back onto I-40 we went with our added water hoping to make it to the rest area before running out again. Luckily, we did!

Water replenished once again, it was only about a couple of miles back on I-40 before exiting and heading for our evening’s lodging in Fenner.

20190408_155141(Approaching the Hi Sahara Oasis truck stop which had the tenting area around the palm trees area.)

It’s free tent camping just on the outskirts of the fueling area at this truck stop. Behind the tent area were a couple of Koi ponds. Myna birds also filled the trees and made quite a racket!!  20190408_164418

The convenience store also had a diner. After getting cleaned up as much as we could (restroom “shower” as it were), the four of us came back to the dinning area, ordered burgers and fajitas, potato salad, Squirts and beers, and, then got set to watch the NCAA National Championship basketball game between Virginia and Texas Tech. A very satisfying meal!! We gave our compliments to the chef on delicious food.

Jerry’s weather research for tomorrow showed strong winds (at least in our favor) for the next couple of days. As we were already considering Needles to be a rest day, we all opted for rooms in a motel instead of the KOA where we’d be holed up in our tents braving the winds. Looking forward to taking a break. We know that after Needles, we’ll be starting the first of our serious climbing getting up to and above 7,000′ elevation. So, getting some rest is important.

It’s now overtime in the diner area as Rob finishes writing today’s blog. (Posting will have to wait for another day in order to get the pictures added.)

Until tomorrow’s post….


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