Wednesday, April 10th – Day 8 – Rest Day in Needles

Best part of the day:    Just relaxing and Fay taking a short nap.

Worst part of the day: Still very windy!

Bed count: 2                  Sleeping Bag count: 6

Woke up this morning feeling refreshed and felt so good to have a bathroom only steps away. Just the little things that you take for granted everyday.

Went to breakfast in the lobby area which was served from 6-9 a.m. Peggy and Jerry met us for breakfast, too. Every table and chair were taken, a pretty full room. At almost 9, the manager yelled out to everyone, “You have 5 minutes! The breakfast area is closing!” So Jerry yelled out, “Quick everybody, chew fast!” Its kind of funny. They also have signs all over saying “no food allowed outside this area” and the manager also made sure when we checked in that we were aware of it. I don’t think we’ll ever stay here again. Even to do a load of wash it was a big ordeal with the manager. His wife was the easier person to work with when asking for things.

A pretty laid back day, just getting all our panniers reorganized and packing up our food items that we bought at the Dollar General yesterday. Back at home we never even to think to shop for groceries at the Dollar General (or Dollar Tree as it is in Sac), but, when there are no grocery stores around that’s where you go.

Rob spent HOURS catching up on our blog. Spending way too much time on it (in Fay’s eyes). Lousy internet connection a big part of the reason, probably because of the wind.

For lunch, we had the two remaining slices of our pizza from last night. Tonight, not sure what’s for dinner, but, McDonald’s sounds good since it’s only walking distance from our hotel.

For Rob, the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin today. His Sharks have game 1 at home against Vegas. Go Sharks!!


One thought on “Wednesday, April 10th – Day 8 – Rest Day in Needles

  1. I enjoyed the reminder and am almost embarrassed about the “relief” I feel to remember the bathroom is mere steps away when I get up in the morning!


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