Saturday, April 13th – Day 11 – Kingman KOA to Peach Springs

Screenshot_20190414-070934_Ride with GPS

Best part of the day: Sleeping in a regular bed tonight

Worst part of the day: Low double-digit head winds

Distance: 47.6 miles     Riding Time: 5hrs 22min

Bed count: 3                   Sleeping Bag count: 8

We were up before 6 and it was probably the coldest morning we’ve had so far. Layered up as far as warm clothing was concerned. Dew on the tent flies would mean that they’d be a bit damp in the bags on our ride. As we are indoors tonight at the Hualapai (pronounced Wah’-lah-pie), those tent flies will have to wait to get dried out until tomorrow in Seligman, AZ.

As for the ride itself, an easy, steady climb into a slight headwind on a bit of bumpy road made our going a bit slow. We had somehow lost P&J in the distance of the road, so we paused to wait for them. Surprisingly, up came a lone cyclist whose name was Kevin who immediately said, “Peggy and Jerry says ‘hi’ and that they are making campground reservations.” We knew it wasn’t reservations for the four of us, but, for P&J’s club tour in 6 months. Jerry’s having to call campgrounds on the tour route for reservations exactly 6 months in advance starting at 8am! That’s why we didn’t see the two of them.
Kevin was also riding up to Peach Springs and then back (probably doing close to a century ride). He said that he’s done this ride for a couple of decades.

As Peach Springs is in Hualapai Indian Reservation territory, we asked about problems with alcohol and the local Native Americans (which is unfortunate in its own right). But, didn’t answer too much about it, though. We give him our thanks and let him continue on with his ride.

Came upon the first of about 4 convenience stores on our route in Valle Vista about 15 miles into our route. The two of us stopped in for a break, picked up a couple of snacks and waited for P&J to arrive.

Venturing on with a bit more gentle climbing followed by a nice gradual down hill, we arrived at another Route 66 quirky store in the hamlet of Hackberry. An interesting place. Fay almost bought a Route 66 license plate, full size? But, we wouldn’t know quite how to carry it on our bikes. Oh well. There’ll be plenty of other places to purchase knick-knacks!!20190413_10D7C258-20190413_112144_990120190413_11092520190413_111147_4575(The sights at the Hackberry General Store)

The headwinds began to pick up more as our climbs got a little steeper and the landscape around us turned to some gorgeous mesas. It’s fascinating to think of how long it’s taken for these rock formations to take the their current shape.

As we approached our one final rest stop in another spot, Truxton, we passed Kevin (remember Kevin from earlier in this post?) as he was headed back to Kingman. Made Truxton the place our lunch break, packet tuna on flour tortillas. While there, chatted with some Korean motorcyclists who along with another friend of theirs in a minivan were travelling from Chicago! They kindly shared some Korean chocolate, very good!!20190413_132937(Found this huge sign next to the Truxton conveniece store.)

The final 8 miles to Peach Springs was still more climbing with some occasional descents. It also brought us into the Hualapai Indian Reservation as mentioned before. Not much here in this town except one market and one lodging location, the Hualapai Lodge, our evening’s destination.

After getting checked in to our room which the four of us were sharing, it was off to the salt water jacuzzi!! Lounging in there with the water jets pulsating on our backs and necks was quite relaxing.

Dinner at the lodge’s restaurant. Food was fine, but, our server wasn’t much of one. Very disappointing sorry to say.

Back at the room, Rob got a chance to do some more catching up on past day’s blogs. Everyone turned in around 9pm looking forward to hopefully a good night’s rest (of course, the nearby passing trains would have something to say about that, though!!).

Until our next post….


3 thoughts on “Saturday, April 13th – Day 11 – Kingman KOA to Peach Springs

  1. Your post are great! Hackberry was one of our favorite stops. Seligman was a rest day for us and we found the town to be fun.
    Ride safe!!


  2. As mentioned, we stayed at the Hualapai Lodge. About 10-12 miles further down the road is the Grand Canyon Caverns. It’s a rustic Route 66 place. It has a motel (very inexpensive) and a convenience/general store onsite. If you’re looking to lodge for the evening in this area, it’s something to consider.


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