Monday, April 15th, Tax Day!! – Day 13 – Seligman to Williams

Screenshot_20190415-213920_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day: Sleeping in a regular bed once again

Worst part of the day: Riding on I-40 with crosswinds trying not to get pushed into the traffic

Distance: 43.9miles Riding Time: 5hrs 21min

Bed count: 5 Sleeping Bag count: 8

Woke up early 5:30 this morning. Brrrr!!! It’s a bundle up morning with temp in the 40’s. We could hear Jerry getting his coffee ready in the microwave. Its amazing how all the four of us are able to take turns going to the bathroom with no problem.  I’ll yell, “OK, bathroom is free. Next person.”

Went over to the motel lobby for coffee and oatmeal. Rob had his cereal and they were so nice to have milk for him and Jerry. As mentioned they were so nice to open up earlier for us so we could get a early start. After our breakfast we were on the road at 6:50 to beat the headwinds.20190415_065020_3799(This was painted on the side of the Pizza Joint restaurant where we ate last night.)

After we headed out only a short while, we didn’t see P&J behind us and thought did they stopped for pictures or did they forget something and had to go back at the lodge? We waited and checked our phones and didn’t get anything. So we headed back and found out Peggy had a rear flat tire not even a mile from the motel! Got it fixed and off again.

A lot of rolling hills with hardly any cars in sight which made our ride very pleasant. 20190415_084213(Looking back at whence we came from Seligman.)

20190415_084223(Fay finishing our climb taking us to I-40.)

Got onto I-40 once again and the road shoulder was pretty bad: bumpy chip seal with a lot gravel and pot holes. We had read blogs from other cyclist about this section of I-40 and they were spot on about how lousy it was. It seemed liked it took forever to get into Ash Fork with the crosswinds.

We went through the town and found a Dollar General at the east end. We shared a bottle of Gatorade that Fay bought. She realized that she was getting a little dizzy. She didn’t drink enough water, so after the Gatorade, she felt a lot better. We also had our flour tortilla with peanut butter and jelly, and, some complimentary bars from the motel lobby that we snagged! As we were getting ready to take off, P&J were just arriving. We told them we’d see them in Williams and check out the possible hotels for our night’s stay. With the threat of rain and the near freezing overnight temperatures, we opted to be indoors as we’re sure you can understand!!

We really weren’t looking forward to the long climb that was ahead of us and also not sure what the shoulder on the interstate was going to be like out of town after what we’d experienced on the way in. Fortunately, it was a whole lot better!! It was also nice having crosswinds, but on I-40, it was a bit scary at times as Fay had to really hang on and try to ride as close to the right side in fear of getting blown into the traffic. Her left arm and shoulder were sore just from hanging on and bracing herself. That first hill wasn’t that bad, just long and steady, but, the winds just made it more challenging.

At a pause on our climb, we found out via text that Peggy had gotten another flat tire after leaving Ash Fork after their break. Poor thing, 2 flats in one day!

As we exited I-40 at Williams, we could see in the distance a mountain top covered with snow.20190415_133751_7042

We stopped at the first gas station, and in their parking lot, tried to figure out where we wanted to stay. 20190415_142333_7312(Some dirty snow over near the gas station right off of exit 161 to Williams. Hope we don’t get any on our upcoming rides!)

Found a motel (of which there are many in town!) right in the middle of downtown where all the action is. We got one with 2 bedrooms. One had a king size bed in one which we took, and the other a queen size which had the TV for Peggy and Jerry. There was plenty of room for our 4 bikes. The bathroom is quite small but the shower was amazing, so nice and hot. Peggy and Jerry arrived soon after and they thought what a great deal on the room and especially the location too.

Tonight, we all went over to Mexican dinner. Rob ordered this gigantic burrito! It came on a platter, not a plate!! It seems like everything is super-sized. Rob finished about 60 percent of it, saving the rest for lunch tomorrow. Fay had the chicken fajitas and had some leftovers also for tomorrow.  Good stuff! We’re not starving on this trip as you can see! Ha-ha!!20190415_174529

We walked up and down the main street and got to the neon lights all lit up. Peggy and Jerry got some ice cream and fudge.20190415_18464720190415_215749

Tomorrow, it’s off to Flagstaff. It’s a short day, around 30-35 miles with under 1,600′ of climbing. But, it’s going to be a cold morning, about 39 degrees at 8am. So we decided we can leave around 9ish where it’ll be a whopping 41 degrees! Yeah, we get to sleep in and take our time leaving once again!

Until our next post….


2 thoughts on “Monday, April 15th, Tax Day!! – Day 13 – Seligman to Williams

  1. Rob, Great reading about your journey. Have you thought of turning on “Find Friends” on iPhones or using “Life360” for other phones to locate each other. It works. I used it during my trip to Moab, Utah and Mesa, Arizona last month. My sister-in-law suggested it so she could keep tabs on me since I was driving alone last month. She knew where I was in Moab and later in Flagstaff. Take care, lee



    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Lee! Fay and I rarely get separated. Do you know if an iPhone can use Life360 as Peggy and Jerry have iPhones and we have Androids? Glad to know you’re following us! Keep the comments coming!! Take care and keep on pedaling!


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