Tuesday, April 16th – Day 14 – Williams to Flagstaff

Screenshot_20190416-205723_Ride with GPS

Best part of the day: Being indoors once again with rain forecasted

Worst part of the day: Cold, gusty crosswinds

Distance: 36.5 miles Riding Time: 3hrs 32min

Bed count: 6               Sleeping Bag count: 8

Boy did Fay sleep well last night. Probably the second time on this trip. Rob not so much. She felt so refreshed and it was so nice to sleep in to 6:45. It was hard leaving this room with a nice comfy king size bed. It almost felt way too big for us. We guess we’ve been so use to being cramped in our tent.20190416_091150(The inside of our two-room “home” in Williams.)

We decided to have our coffee, oatmeal and Pop Tarts in the room. Jerry was able to work on getting the campsites for their upcoming coastal tour. He spent more than an hour working on it. Throughout the week, he’s been working really hard online making that happen. Thanks, Jerry, for doing such a great job!

It was a cold morning. We made sure we bundled up. The temp wasn’t going to get beyond 50’s. The winds were light in the morning. We took off a little after 9. P&J said we’d all meet up in Flagstaff at our hotel. Rain was forecasted in Williams around noon, and in Flagstaff, around 3ish. So we wanted to make sure we were in by the time rain came.

There was a first hill as we left Williams, just a steady climb. 20190416_092411(The gateway into Williams from the east after we climbed the hill out of Williams and headed to I-40.)

Then it was back onto the interstate with a decent shoulder and easy rollers. Four miles down the freeway, we exited to a back road, the Old Route 66. It was a nice ride with no shoulder, but, maybe only 3 or 4 cars passed us. We’re up over 7,000’, so that makes it evergreen country. Just a beautiful area with lots of pine and fir trees lining both sides of the road. 20190416_10141520190416_101558

We met a young couple from Belgium traveling with a young infant. They were getting ready to do a little hiking. They were making their way to Las Vegas, Moab, Hawaii (O’ahu and Big Island) before returning home via LA in the middle of next month.

Completed our ride on the Old Route 66 in Parks. As we were heading back onto I-40, we saw some workers on the side of the road. We waved and one hollered to us, “you guys be careful.” Back to dodging glass, tires pieces, wires and a few pot holes all the while still trying to keep from blowing into the traffic on the interstate. We were so surprised to see a lot of piles of snow along the freeway. 20190416_111847.jpg20190416_111901

Came upon a truck stop on the other side of the intestate where there was a McDonald’s! It was almost noontime, hunger was setting in, and, so the decision “food time”! We each had a sausage McMuffin w/egg! Just right! Feeling recharged, it was back on the freeway and the crosswinds! At least it wasn’t headwinds.

Approaching our exit to Flagstaff, we came upon the Arizona Divide at over 7,300’, the highest so far.20190416_125246


20190416_125411(See all the trucks whizzing by? This is what it’s like to ride on the shoulder of a busy interstate highway!)

We made our way into town, lots of cars and traffic lights. Looks like a fun place to come back and check out. 20190417_090643(Got this look of some snow-covered mountains on our way to Walmart and our hotel.)

While Fay went shopping in Walmart near our hotel, the Quality Inn, Rob called them to check on our room. Check-in was 3, but, they said it might be ready sooner than that. Yay!! Fay picked up a big bag of Caesar salad to go with our leftover dinner from last night. Also got oatmeal, Pop Tarts, chips, and granola bars to replenish our supplies. Gotta have dessert, right? So, she also bought some shortbread chocolate cookies to share with everyone. It seems as though it’s become our nightly cookie dessert treat. We evenly divided the package so everyone could have their share.

The hotel graciously let us store our bikes in one of their back rooms for protection as our room is not quite large enough for the four of us and our bikes and we didn’t want to lock them up outside of our room.

P&J had made their way to a bike store along route to get a couple of things as we got checked in, stored our panniers in the room and took the bikes to the hotel office. Hot shower time!! After a chilly and windy day, it felt wonderful!!

P&J arrived a bit later, got their things all settled and then went to the Outback for dinner, less than 5 minute walk from the hotel while we had our leftovers and the salad. Still good the next day!!

Well, it’s nice to be inside again as it’s suppose to get down to the low 30’s and predicting possible light snow tonight???

Tomorrow will be our 2nd day off as we just finished our 14th day on this trip. Can’t believe how fast the days are going by. Not sure what we’re going to do on this rest day, laundry for sure, but after that, it’s a question mark. There’s a possibility of rain tomorrow, but, the weather here changes fast! So, who knows. Keeping an eye on the  weather on the local news casts.

Until our next post….


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 16th – Day 14 – Williams to Flagstaff

    1. You and Paul keep your distance from those gators!! Hope you’re having a good time. Taking a day off here in Flagstaff. Cool temps today. Going to take care of a few needed errands before continuing on tomorrow morning. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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