Wednesday, April 17th – Day 15 – Rest day in Flagstaff

Best part of the day: Doing absolutely nothing

Worst part of the day: What can be bad about a day off!!

Distance: 0 miles Riding Time: 0hrs 0min

Bed count: 7 Sleeping Bag count: 8

20190418_082104(Inside our “deluxe” double queen room. As  you can see, no bike present!)

Well, we realized that the weather gods make changes constantly. They were right that it was going to be in the cold, cold 30’s. Rain did come, but, only later in the evening and then late at night. Camping would have been miserable in the cold and rain. So, it was nice to be inside. Our room was nothing fancy here, but it was indoors! But the best part? Breakfast in the morning provided by the hotel: waffles, eggs, spicy potatoes and sausages, coffee, juice, muffins, oh my! There was constant crowd of people in and out of there, a mad rush to get their breakfast.

Rob worked more on the blog back at the room. For tomorrow, we all decided to stay at the Meteor Crater RV Park and camp. We agreed on leaving around 9 so it’ll hopefully be a little warmer. It’s about 39 miles to the RV site. From there, it’s around another 6 miles to get to the Visitor Center at the rim of the crater itself. We’ll look to set up camp first before riding out to the Visitor Center.

This afternoon, we went to the nearby Sam’s Club about a 10 min walk. 20190417_121355(A beautiful view of the snowy mountains on our walk to Sam’s Club.)

One of our two Tech2 Nano Juice battery packs (which we’d bought at our Sacramento Sam’s before the trip) had gone dead. It would get very hot when trying to charge it up. They come as a pair, so, we wanted to do an exchange. We picked up a pair for P&J, too. Also, picked up better walking sandals for Rob which will work out so much better for him. Now he can wear socks to keep his feet warm with the sandals when going out in the cold temps! He opted to bring these only flip flops cause it was lighter and it could be used in the shower and walking. For showering, they were fine, walking not so good. Now to look for a shower flip flop for Fay. She decided not to bring hers either. Thinking that her new lightweight Keens will work for both walking and showering. They’ll only dry out if there’s enough sun and not too cold. Also picked up a broccoli casserole dish to go with our seafood salad topped with an avocado for our dinner tonight. P&J will be going to Outback Steakhouse again as they loved it there last night.

We’ve found the people here in Arizona are so nice and very helpful. Complete strangers were so willing to help Fay in Walmart either reaching for an item or looking for something, and, these are not even the employees, but, customers!! And mostly everyone will smile and say “hi” to you.

Relaxed this with the four of us looking at various things on our devices, Rob getting to watch a couple of Stanley Cup hockey games (Bruins/Maple Leafs and Flames/Avalanche) on TV.

It’s supposed to be a cold morning tomorrow, but, should warm up fairly quickly at least into the 50s. Our ride tomorrow will be mostly downhill (yay!!) where we’ll lose about 2,000’ of elevation. That’ll hopefully make the overnight low temps much more tolerable in our tents.

20190418_082257(The view from outside of our hotel room.)

Until our next post….


4 thoughts on “Wednesday, April 17th – Day 15 – Rest day in Flagstaff

  1. Yes! You guys are AWESOME!!!
    THANK YOU Rob, for taking the time to keep us informed (and entertained) as I love your entries and your pictures!!
    As always…ride safe & take care of each other!
    Love you guys…


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