Friday, April 19th – Day 17 – Meteor Crater RV Park to Winslow

Screenshot_20190419-212659_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day: A couple helping out Peggy and Jerry

Worst part of the day: Fay’s eye irritation

Distance: 22.3 miles     Riding Time: 1hr 48min

Bed count: 8                   Sleeping Bag count: 9

Fay was so cold last night, she had so many layers on and with her down jacket too. And she was still so cold. So far that was the coldest night. It was indeed a cold night and early morning. Got up around 6:20, and bundled up, headed for the hopefully opened Rec room. YES!! It was open! A lot warmer inside than out! The early worker gentleman popped in and said that the coffee was brewing! He allowed Fay to go inside the general store area to get a couple of cups of hot water for her oatmeal.

Hot coffee, hot oatmeal (Fay) and Pop Tarts (Rob) was our breakfast. Since we hadn’t seen P&J come in, Fay poured a couple of cups of coffee and we brought them over to their tent. “Knocked on their door”, but, got no “answer” so we left them there in case they hadn’t yet awoke. Grabbing our bike stuff from our tent, it was off to get changed.

Garbed in our cold-weather biking clothes, we returned to the Rec room. Peggy and Jerry already there and Peggy was concerned about her still somewhat swollen calf. At the same time as we were there, we were chatting with another couple. The wife, whose name was Dee, who was a US Marine cook, was telling us about her hip and knee replacements that she’d had. As the conversation continued and P&J were figuring out how to get Peggy to the Winslow hospital, this couple offered to take both P&J in their car to that hospital. Now this couple had a big RV and were also pulling a trailer, what they called their “garage”! And it was truly a garage! In it, they hauled a motorcycle AND their small SUV car! And as this couple were also heading east, towards Indiana, the husband, Barry, offered to carry their bikes in their trailer also into Winslow! Problem solved!!

So, we all headed to Dee and Barry’s RV site and saw their set up! The car was already out of the “garage”, Jerry worked with Barry to strap their bikes inside the trailer. 20190419_09391520190419_09395720190419_094052(P&J’s bikes all loaded up in the trailer!! Dee’s and Barry’s car is just to the right.)

With that done, the two of us headed on our way towards Winslow to meet up with P&J. We didn’t leave until after 10 a.m. wanted to make sure P&J was taken care of before we left.
We’d read horror stories of this section of I-40 from Meteor Crater to Winslow being called something like “flat tire alley”! Riding on it, we could understand why. All along this stretch, we were dodging pieces and pieces of shredded radial truck tire ranging in size from medium to tiny! The tiny ones were really the toughest ones to see on the black asphalt. But, weave our way through the maze we did without incident!! Thankful that we neither of us had a flat.

Arriving in Winslow, there were a couple of places we wanted to see before meeting up with P&J: the restored La Posada hotel and “Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona….” location from the lyrics to the Eagles’ song “Take It Easy”. 20190419_114538(Came upon this old church in Winslow.)

And yep! These two places were right on route and the town had signs directing you to these spots. First, the “corner”. Complete with an actual flatbed Ford (also lyrics from the song) and a mural depicting that scene. There were also two statues (one is a likeness of the late Glenn Frey) of two of the Eagles members. It was a tourists’ delight!20190419_11580720190419_12134020190419_12012820190419_11572620190419_12080320190419_121215

Next, it was on to the La Posada hotel. A Spanish-styled structure nicely restored! Walked around inside for a couple of minutes and took a couple of photos. 20190419_12172620190419_12181920190419_122245

We learned that Peggy had X-rays taken, nothing was broken (glad to hear). We met up with P&J at McDonald’s. Ordered some lunch when we got there and the four of us chatted about where we’d stay for the night. Fortunately, there was a Quality Inn pretty much right across the street! Reserved another double queen bed room online. Before heading over to the hotel, Barry had arrived at the Safeway store which was also across from the McDonald’s. P&J unloaded their bikes and give their huge thanks to Dee and Barry for their kindness.20190419_133804(Dee and Barry’s full rig. You get a real perspective as to how long it actually is.)

They decided that Peggy needed to rest and elevate her leg in order for it to get better. So, they will meet us in Gallup, New Mexico, or further on down the road. They were still making their plans and things were changing. So not sure on exactly what their plans are. Thus, we’re on our own for who knows how long. We will be happy when we get to reconnect again.

For dinner, Jerry and Fay walked over to Safeway to pick up a frozen Lasagna, bags of Caesar salad, garlic bread and shortbread cookies. We heated the lasagna in the microwave in our room and ate in the café/breakfast/lobby area. It’s one of the nicer hotels in which we’ve stayed.

Fay’s right eye had been bothering her the last couple of days. But today, it was really getting worse. Tried a warm compress several times. Then tried to get her doctor to get a antibiotic prescription, but, no luck. They wanted me to go see a doctor. So, Fay went to back to Safeway and got some eye drops that the pharmacist suggested, hoping that they will work.

20190419_141804(Our home for the night at the Quality Inn in Winslow. Bikes and bags all fit!!)

It’ll be a fairly early start tomorrow to get ahead of the (again!) forecasted winds.

Until our next post….


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  1. Happy Easter guys. A trip u will always remember. Not my cup of tea but i guess some parts I wouldn’t mind doing or seeing. Fun to keep up in your posts

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