Monday, April 22nd – Day 20 – Chambers, AZ to Gallup, NM

Screenshot_20190422-174841_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day:  Speedy Truck Stop in Lupton

Worst part of the day:  Still not with our riding buddies

Distance: 47.8 miles     Riding Time: 4hrs 25min

Bed count: 11                Sleeping Bag count: 9

Slept in this morning being that we knew that it was a short day, about 45 miles, and, being that we had a long day yesterday. Went over to breakfast at the café next door. It was part of our free breakfast. We had eggs (over easy for Fay, and an omelette for Rob), bacon, hash browns and coffee. Went back to the room and Rob finished up yesterday’s blog. We left around 9ish with a little chill in the air.

Today, Fay felt a little sluggish and moved slower. Got onto a frontage road for about 6 miles. Before getting onto I-40, Rob saw that there was a grocery store, Basha’s, like the one we went to in Kingman. It was not listed on the ACA map. Fay went inside and got a big container of orange juice. She asked the cashier how long has this store been here and said that it opened only 3 weeks ago! All the locals are very happy that they don’t have to go all the way into Gallup for their shopping. We drank as much as we wanted and put the rest in our water bottles for later.

We rode on I-40 for about 7 miles and then exited towards a frontage road. Turning onto this road, we came upon a “Road Closed” sign. We decided to chance it for if we have to walk our bikes thru this closure it would not be a big deal. As we got closer about a mile down the road, we saw another sign saying “Road Flooded”!! There was a gate and a big dip in the road with water running across pretty fast. We didn’t like how fast it was moving way plus couldn’t tell how deep it was. 20190422_103927_655920190422_103948_634120190422_225044

So, we played it smart and decided to reverse course returning back to I-40 where we once again were dodging tire wires and glass debris.

At a later point, the map route had us taking another frontage road towards Lupton, but, the Adventure Cycling updates said that this section of road had deteriorated and to ride cautiously on it. But, we opted to stay on I-40 all the way into the town of Lupton. We stopped a couple of times to take in some of the beautiful scenery of the colorful mountains that we couldn’t resist. 20190422_115221

After exiting I-40, Rob found a truck rest stop, Speedy’s, right on route. By this time, we had done over 30 miles and almost 2 ½ hours of riding. We needed to eat something to refuel our bodies. We shared a 3-egg sausage omelette, hash browns and 1 large pancake! Boy, did that hit the spot! This truck stop has everything in there: clean bathrooms, showers, laundromat, a full on restaurant and a mini store. They really know how to cater to the truck drivers.

We had about 20 more miles to get to Gallup. After a couple of miles, it was “goodbye Arizona, hello New Mexico”, state #3!20190422_224759

We had mostly tailwinds and some crosswinds along with some darkening skies. We could see rain falling from a couple of dark gray clouds blowing across the sky not too far in front of us, not to mention the big dark cloud coming across from our right!

On the rural outskirts of town, there were some interesting cross street names: Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Gamma, Delta (you get the picture!); letters of the Greek alphabet. Someone had some fun naming these streets!

We stopped into another smaller truck stop which had a Subway in it and Fay picked up a sandwich for us to have later for dinner. The temperature was getting colder, the wind stronger and the sky darker. We had planned to camp at the USA RV Park which was less than a couple miles down the road. But when we checked the weather, it was going to be in the 30s overnight plus we’re at about 6,500’ elevation. So, we decided to stay at the nearby Red Roof Inn Hotel. It was a better choice to be out of the wind and cold. We know we’ll have plenty more days where we’ll be able to camp.20190422_163526(Our humble abode for possibly our next couple of days.)

Fay did a load of laundry and we had our Subway sandwich back in our room. Not being satisfied with that, Rob then ate his other Chimichanga from last night that he carried in his pannier today, and, Fay had her Cup O’Noodles that she zapped in the microwave. We also had some of our other snacks. But, no cookies or ice cream tonight.

Looking at taking a rest day tomorrow primarily because of the forecast of rain and thunderstorms. We’ll also use tomorrow to resupply and plan our next few days lodging locations. Another morning to be able to sleep in! Yes!!

Until our next post….


2 thoughts on “Monday, April 22nd – Day 20 – Chambers, AZ to Gallup, NM

    1. Hi, Dawn! She’s improving daily. We spoke with P&J for about a 1/2 hour last night. Peggy’s going for an MRI today. We hope to meet up with them in the next few days, if all goes well. – Rob


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