Tuesday, April 23rd – Day 21 – Rest day in Gallup, New Mexico

Best part of the day:     Walmart Optometrist appointment

Worst part of the day:  Fay’s eye starting feeling bad again

Distance: 9.9 miles        Riding Time: 57minutes

Bed count: 12                 Sleeping Bag count: 9

Nice to sleep in this morning but, forgot that it was an hour later (yes, we’re now in the Mountain Time Zone. AZ doesn’t follow Daylight Saving Time). Had breakfast in the lobby and let the front desk know that we’d be staying another night due to rain and wind in the forecast.

Dr. Maestras (remember him from back in Holbrook?) called to see how Fay was doing and she said that her eye feels great! Later on her eye started to feel like when it first started about 5 days ago. Oh no! She hoped it doesn’t start all up again. We called our insurance and they suggested either to go to ER or urgent care. One other small bombshell with that call, we found out that her visit to Dr. Maestras a few days ago will not be covered! We were miss informed. What a bummer.

Left a message for Dr. Maestras. He called back and said that Fay should go see an ophthalmologist. OK. Started checking around and found out that this town is so small that they don’t even have one, only optometrists. We called around and an office visit at one place was $150.00! Our checking showed that the local Walmart had a Vision Center, but, we weren’t sure if they had an optometrist. So, we called and found out that they had an optometrist!! They hadn’t had one in 5 years and this doctor started just today!! He transferred from Albuquerque. Luck was on our side and the visit was only $30.00.

We rode our bikes in the very light drizzle and headwinds the 5 miles to Walmart. He did a Fluorescein Eye Stain test to check if she had any abrasions or scratches on my cornea, and, to detect any small, foreign objects or particles in my eye. He said everything looked good, no damage, and couldn’t find anything. What a relief!!

While still in Walmart, Fay did some shopping picking up some items for dinner: a frozen, microwavable Turkey & Dressing bake, package of Ceasar salad, loaf of French bread and macaroni salad; and, some other food items for the next couple of days. We were starving by the time we got back to our room since we didn’t have lunch. So, we made it an early dinner and cookies for dessert!!

Fay patched up 2 small rips on Rob’s cycling shorts and Rob worked on oiling up our bikes. We’ve got two Stanley Cup game 7 hockey games on this afternoon/evening. First Boston/Toronto, won by Boston. Now, it’s time to watch the Sharks beat Vegas!


Until our next post….


2 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 23rd – Day 21 – Rest day in Gallup, New Mexico

  1. Wow, you guys have seen and done so much already. Great job on this self supported ride. From the blog, you guys seem like old pros. I really hope Fay’s eye improves. Maybe a rest day will help. Are you using a lubricant in addition to the other meds? I am riveted by your adventures and have read everything up until now. Take care and have fun. Can’t wait to hear more!


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