Thursday, April 25th – Day 23 – El Morro RV Park to Sky City Casino Hotel, San Fidel

Screenshot_20190425-063917_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day:    Reaching the highest elevation point on the entire ride

Worst part of the day: Learning that P&J’s tour with us is over

Distance: 62 miles        Riding Time: 4hrs 44min

Bed count: 13                Sleeping Bag count: 10

A very chilly, but, another clear, blue sky morning greeted us. It was probably in the upper 20s to low 30s overnight. We wanted to get on the road around 7:30, but, that was more like the time we rolled out of our sleeping bags!!

Last night we still weren’t sure at which place we would stay tonight: the Sky City Hotel & Casino or the Dancing Eagle RV Park. These were about 5 miles apart from each other. With no cell service last night, we would have to wait until we reached Grants to inquire about availability and pricing.

A quick breakfast of Fay’s hot oatmeal and Rob’s cold Pop Tarts. Got packed up and on our way just before 9. Today we would cross over the Continental Divide at around 7,900’. It was a fairly easy 15 miles to the Divide and the road and shoulder were very good. Our route up was surrounded by evergreens. The hills on our left were completely obscured by the trees with the exception where that view was partially shattered by a strip-mining operation. Don’t know what mineral is being extracted, but, it was sad to see the loss of trees.20190425_103104

Once we reached the “summit”, it was a real fun downhill to start. The winds were a bit in our face making slowing our descent speed, bummer! It was still 27 miles before we saw I-40 again and the town of Grants. Part way down after a couple hours of riding, we took a quick snack break. Fay was again having a little trouble with her eye, so we put in a couple of eye drops to hopefully help.

Now down in the flats, we passed the town of San Rafael, a somewhat depressed area. Homes in various states of disrepair with the exception on one mansion-looking place with a striking, coral-blue roof! Talk about standing out like a sore thumb!! Plus we had a couple of dogs chase after us again! We just hollered at them real mean and they backed down.

After 40 miles, we finally reached the north end of Grants and a McDonald’s!! We were due for a refueling with their big breakfasts which we scarfed right down!
With cell service now available, we checked in with P&J to inquire about Peggy’s condition and where they were at. She came back with the not so good news of no riding for 6 weeks. We were sadden by that knowing that their trip with us would be coming to an abrupt end, but, they would meet up with us tonight at wherever we’d be lodging. They had been driving the roads that followed our cycling route these past days in a rental pickup truck getting to experience on what they were not able to cycle.

We checked in with Sky City Hotel & Casino to see if they had an available room for 4 which they did (the 2 beds were only double size, not queen). She also asked about the room being able to hold 4 bicycles. Not sure, but, we could store them in a back room, if need be.

Also checked with the Dancing Eagle RV Park to see if they had tent camping available as an Adventure Cycling tour had done previously. We were told that they didn’t allow tent camping! What!?!?!

So, we booked the hotel room and then checked what winds with which we might be dealing on this leg. The forecast was that it might be partial headwinds! NO!! Anyway, we jumped on our bikes and started the remaining 22 miles.

Luckily for us, that wind never really materialized! Yes! Those miles went fairly easily. Got checked in and headed to our ground-floor room where we hoped that it would be large enough to hold 4 bikes. Sure enough, it was! The two of us got cleaned up (i.e. showered) and waited for P&J’s arrival.

Jerry was the first to arrive at our door with Peggy at a slower pace on crutches! Her prescribed remedy, keep the knee as straight as possible. We talked with P&J about there upcoming plans. Tomorrow, they’re driving to Albuquerque to hopefully rent a minivan and then drive all the way back home to Folsom!!

The four of us had dinner tonight at the hotel restaurant’s buffet. A pretty nice selection: steaks, seafood, salads, soups, sides and, of course desserts of which we definitely partook!!

Tomorrow will be a sad parting. But, we hope that Peggy will fully recover and we’ll ride together again.

Our destination tomorrow is Albuquerque and the home of our Bike The US For MS Pacific Coast teammate, Rich Davies. It’ll be great to see him again after almost 2 years! Excited for this meeting.

Until our next post….


One thought on “Thursday, April 25th – Day 23 – El Morro RV Park to Sky City Casino Hotel, San Fidel

  1. So sorry P and J had to end the adventure early. You two travel on knowing we are praying for you. Has Fay tried googles while riding for her eye issue? Love you both.


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