Saturday, April 27th – Day 25 – Albuquerque to Turquoise Trail Campground, Cedar Crest

Screenshot_20190427-135600_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day:    Spending the morning with our wonderful hosts

Worst part of the day: Short miles, but, plenty of climbing

Distance: 16.5 miles     Riding Time: 2hrs 2min

Bed count: 14                Sleeping Bag count: 11

How nice it was to sleep indoors, albeit in Rich’s and Susan’s nice 5th wheel trailer! Better than our tent in their backyard.

Today was going to be a short ride day to the Turquoise Trail Campground, but, it was not going to be without some climbing, about 1,650’! So, we had already decided that we’d be later in the day.

Spent a relaxing morning where Rich made some delicious Egg McMuffin-style breakfast sandwiches (much better than Mickey D’s!). The four of us sat around and chit-chatted for a while before Fay went with Susan to the local Walmart for supplies. In addition to items for our next few ride days, they came back with lunch items: shredded beef, sandwich rolls and potato salad. Rich and Susan already had tortilla chips and guacamole at home, so we had ourselves a feast!!

While the girls were away, Rob had a chance to get caught up on the last 3 days of blogs and get them posted. Always nice to get that done!

As 2pm rolled around, it was time to prepare for our departure. Got changed into our riding clothes, packed the bags and loaded them onto the bikes. As Rich was going to ride with us all the way to the campground, we said our goodbyes and heartfelt thank you’s to Susan.

Then off we went almost immediately into a ½-mile, 4% climb! That’s how to start a day’s ride (yeah, right). A nice downhill on a bike path crossing a number of city streets eventually took us out of Albuquerque and heading east once again.

A number fun (uh-huh) rollers and hills dotted our short route before reaching the campground. But, as mentioned earlier, we averaged about 100’ of climbing for every mile! Got checked in, found an open site and got set up. 5-minute showers were all we were afforded, so, expediency was in order!20190427_185917(Our tent site at the Turquoise Trail Campground, a gravel pad, but, comfortable enough.)

A bagged salad, pre-cooked chicken, under-ripe avocado, and two leftover sandwich rolls made for a nice meal. Fay forgot to pickup cookies for dessert when she and Susan went shopping. Rob was a little disappointed…

Got in contact with one of our Warm Showers requests and we’re set up for this host’s place for the next two nights. It’s real close to the downtown area, so, it’ll be interesting to explore Santa Fe’s art scene.

It’s supposed to be mild temperatures tonight which is a pleasant change after a couple of recent, very cold tenting nights.

Until our next post….


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