Monday, April 29th – Day 27 – Rest Day in Santa Fe

Best part of the day: Going out to dinner

Worst part of the day: Windy conditions outside

Distance: 0 Riding Time: 0hr 0 min

Bed count: 15 Sleeping Bag count: 12

Yesterday when Joseph arrived to let us into his place we were immediately greeting by 5-year-old Lima, a German Shepherd/Husky mix who belongs to Adrian who is Joseph’s girlfriend, Mari’s, brother! A real sweet dog.

It was a late rising time. Fay had a hard time sleeping last night. Lima slept with us on the living room floor and didn’t bother us at all! Rob got up and continued his usual thing, working on the blog in the kitchen while Fay tried to sleep a bit more.
Mari had been up much earlier and had left for work when Joseph arrived in the kitchen and offered to make eggs and bacon for breakfast! Wonderful! Can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs and bacon!

Now, Mari has her own place a little less than 2 miles from Joseph’s and from time to time, she rents out one of the two bedrooms via AirBNB! Santa Fe is a pretty hot AirBNB market! So last night, she offered up one of her 2 bedrooms for us for tonight so we’d have our own space. Her AirBNB guest would be leaving in the morning and the room would be open today. How very kind of her!

So, after breakfast and more interesting conversation about Joseph’s and Mari’s plans (they’re moving to Madrid, Spain this coming September for a year), we got our bags packed up and loaded on the bikes where Joseph led us to Mari’s place.

We rode past Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts District where there are a number galleries. She was already there when we arrived. We brought our bikes into her small back yard and unloaded.

Her place is in a 3-condo building where she has a 2-story unit: the upstairs (bedrooms/bathroom) and downstairs (kitchen/family room/laundry). It’s a cute place and she has it decorated very nicely! But, with her leaving for Spain in 5 months, she said that most everything will have to go! She’ll keep all of the artwork she’s accumulated, though.20190430_075345(The family room at Mari’s place.)

We relaxed during the rest of afternoon even having a little drizzle pass through. Later in the early evening, Mari and Joseph drove us around the Santa Fe city showing us the Plaza area, the very old part of Santa Fe including the Catholic church, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. It’s a very touristy area with shops, restaurants and hotels. Even though the weather outside was windy and cold, there were still people out and about in the Plaza area.

After that, they drove us to one of their favorite New Mexico-style restaurants for dinner, Tomasita’s. It was our treat as our way of thanking them for all of their wonderful hospitality. Then it was on to the nearby Whole Foods market for some supplies and, of course, dessert!! The two of us split a Ben & Jerry’s pint of mint chocolate chip!

Checking the weather for tomorrow, there are some chances of rain, but, hopefully they’ll have passed as we progress on our route. It’s looking at being a cool morning with the possibility of morning rain. We may have to make a slightly later start to let it pass, but, we’ll see how things look in the morning.

Tomorrow, we head off to the Las Vegas, New Mexico KOA in Romeroville (not LV, Nevada!) It’ll be around a 63+ mile day where we’ll look to have some rolling hills, hills on side roads and one pass, Glorieta Pass, to negotiate on I-25 (another interstate) doing almost 3,400’ of climbing.

Until our next post….


5 thoughts on “Monday, April 29th – Day 27 – Rest Day in Santa Fe

  1. On May 1, we start to play catchup to you both. Sac to Kingman AZ is the plan for the day’s drive. We are packed and head out at 8am. Hope you both got to Santa Fe market square. A few nice museums and shopping. Native American arts for sale (they ship UPS!!!) Be well, maybe we will meet up along the way?


    1. Weather in Santa Fe was cold and rainy. But, our Warm Showers hosts took us around there in their car. We’re in Santa Rosa tonight with Tucumcari being our destination tomorrow. After that, it’s on to Adrian, TX. Keep us advised as to your whereabouts. Let’s meet up if possible!


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