Wednesday, May 1st – Day 29 – Romeroville (Las Vegas,NM KOA) to Santa Rosa

Screenshot_20190501-153025_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day:   Great Breakfast at the KOA

Worst part of the day: Crosswinds for 1st 40 milesand no services for the entire 60 miles

Distance: 61.42 miles Riding Time: 4hrs 46min

Bed count: 15               Sleeping Bag count: 14

Day 29!! It’s hard to believe that we’re starting our 5th week of this “road” trip!!

Just a quick note on our riding companions, P&J. We got a text from them yesterday that they arrived home safely!! We were very glad they made it!

Last night, it got pretty cold and thank goodness the winds died down. In the KOA’s game room, watched the finish of the Columbus/Boston hockey game and then was only able to catch the 1st period of the Sharks game. It was off to bed at 9:30.

Woke up this morning around 6ish and got ourselves ready and packed up. We sat in the KOA game room once again finishing yesterday’s blog and waited for their breakfast to be ready which was about at 7:30. What a nice surprise it was! Eggs, hash browns, sausage, a fresh fruit salad, waffles, OJ and coffee! I think that they were the best waffles we’ve had so far on the road. Nice and thick, not watered down like other places. At $4.50, what a deal!! So glad we fueled up our bellies because we sure needed it as there were no services of any kind on our entire route!!

It started off cold but it sure ended up to be a very nice day. Leaving the KOA, a short climb afterwards gave way to mostly downhills and light rollers for the first 25 miles or so. Mainly a combination of cross and tailwinds which picked up at the morning progressed. The traffic was fairly light. So, we weaved between riding in the traffic lane and the road’s shoulder.

20190501_100233(Another one of our views of all the mesas we’ve seen in New Mexico. This one from US84/Route 66.)

Crosswinds were so fierce couple of times it pushed Fay almost into the other lane. Once again, her left shoulder was sore from hanging on and trying to brace herself. About 30 miles into our ride, we saw cycling couple coming the other way! They crossed over to our side as we rolled up to meet them. We found out they’re from Switzerland and were bound for Las Vegas, NV. Their route was to head north when they reached Santa Fe towards Colorado before turning west again to LV. They had started in Chicago back on April 1st and been hoteling it the whole time. 20190501_112410(The Swiss couple on their way to Las Vegas, NV. That car wanted to photo bomb the pic!)

We stopped on the side of the road and took at a little break after riding 3 hours and 37 miles. We had a cliff bar and some O.J. that was from couple days ago. It’s been more than worth it with Fay carrying her Nalgene bottle in the 3rd bottle cage. She’s been able to put any leftover drinks into it.

20190501_121845(Thousands and thousands of acres of grazing land all around us here in the high dessert.)

Once we got onto I-40, it was tailwinds all the way into Santa Rosa, but, it sure didn’t feel like that with a lot of rollers.

We rolled into Santa Rosa and found a small, local grocery store. By that time, we hadn’t eaten lunch. So, we picked up some tortilla chips and salsa! That sounded good to us. Also picked up a container of O.J. for tomorrow’s ride. It was then off to the Santa Rosa RV Park and Campground, our evening’s lodging. It wasn’t busy when we got there and had the pick of the tent sites. We got the tent set up and found a picnic bench where we immediately dived into those chips and salsa to temporarily satisfy our hunger pangs!!20190501_164214(Our set up at the Santa Rosa RV Park and Campground. Note our clothesline for washed and just plain ol’ airing out cycling clothes!!)

Showers were next on the agenda. This campground has a lot of trees and tent sites have a lot picnic tables. The bathrooms/showers are clean and very spacious. We enjoyed our hot showers. For only $20.00 a night we thought it was a great deal to stay here. They have a restaurant here but not sure if it was all that great from the reviews we read.

So for dinner, we took a little walk to a diner we passed getting to the campground, the Route 66 Diner. Fay had a hamburger steak dish: two fresh-made patties with mash potatoes, toast, corn, onions and brown gravy. She scarfed it out she was so hungry!! She loved it!! Rob had a bacon cheeseburger with fries, also good! Back at camp, we had dessert (animal cookies!) at the ready!

Looking at the weather for tomorrow, it looks like the winds are going to be all over the place. That does not bode well for our ride to Tucumcari, another 60+ mile day! But, it’ll be what it’ll be!

Until our next post….


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