Friday, May 3rd – Day 31 – Tucumcari, NM to Adrian, TX

Screenshot_20190503-200216_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day:    Two celebrations!

Worst part of the day: The headwinds for the entire ride

Distance: 63 miles        Riding Time: 6hrs 44min

Bed count: 15                Sleeping Bag count: 16

It was a cold and overcast morning (almost low fog-like) when we awoke around 6:30. There was a forecast of rain for early this morning (which never materialized), so, we had removed our panniers last night and stashed them in the tent. That made for crowded living quarters! Got dressed in the tent and then got everything else packed up and the bags loaded on the bikes. Over at the RV office, Mike (one of the owners/brothers) was just opening the office to get coffee started. We had a quick breakfast in their laundry/lounge room: Fay – her oatmeal, Rob – his Pop Tarts; before hitting the road.

Our route of out Tucumcari brought us on the old Route 66 which paralleled I-40 for around 22 miles. The skies were gray again all around as we passed by some plowed farm fields with a northeastern breeze blowing in our faces.

20190503_141250(A one of views along the early part of our today’s route.)

Reached our first rest stop in San Jon (which is pronounced like San Juan) where there was a truck stop. We each picked up a breakfast burrito along with a Strawberry/Kiwi Snapple along with an OJ for our bike bottles. We chatted about our ride with a couple of local gentleman who sat down a couple of tables away. When their order had been delivered, we didn’t realize we could order things from a menu versus pre-made! Their orders each came with a huge amount of Tater Tots which they kindly shared with us! One more Snapple later, we were back on our way.

20190503_115220(Saw this sign after San Jon. What a day for guess who turning 66 on Route 66!)

Now original Route 66 continued through San Jon south of I-40 toward the town of Endee, but, we deviated here taking another quiet frontage road on the north side for about 14 grueling, headwind miles where we came upon another truck stop. This one had a free car museum. And quite the museum it was! Several mint conditioned classic cars from the 50s and 60s!! We picked up some more OJ and ice cream!!20190503_14383920190503_14395020190503_14403420190503_14405520190503_144227

Because of the winds, our pace was slow. It was already 2pm when we left that last stop and entered I-40 (yet again!). Texas was only about 4 miles away and we’d be losing an hour going into the Central Time Zone and we still had 26 miles to our evening’s destination, Adrian, TX.

Even though we were now on the interstate with trucks zipping past us, it was still slow and go for those 21+ miles before exiting because of the winds and some climbing. Finally, reached our exit and now it was the last 4+ miles into Adrian.

From friends who had done the Southern Tier with the Bike The US For MS, they had said that Texas roads were terrible!! Lousy chip seal that was bumpy as all get up! And they had that for at least 13 days!! Well, they were pretty accurate as to the road condition we experienced on that Route 66 frontage road. It wasn’t very good. But, we roughed it all the way into town.

20190503_182046(On the road into Adrian.)

One of the things we first found (but, knew about before hand) was the Midpoint sign. There’s a line in the Route 66 road along with the sign which says that you’re halfway between Chicago and Santa Monica on Route 66!! Took the obligatory pictures there (had to!!).20190503_18320720190503_18372720190503_183949

That was the first celebration! The second was that today was Rob’s birthday turning (get this) 66 on Route 66!! It had to be!!

We checked out the Fabulous 40s motel there on the strip, but, it was more than we wanted to spend. Our original choice was the Midpoint RV and campground and which was where we’re “camping” tonight. The “manager” (not the owner) who lives in the trailer next to the office/bathroom (with shower)/laundry room said that if we wanted, we could “set up camp” in the bathroom/laundry room! Super nice guy. He talked about other Adventure Cyclist coming through. All the other RVs there (just a few) were self-contained and he said that he didn’t expect any of those guests to come in to use the bathroom. Perfect! So, into the room went us and all of our gear!! Fay did a full clothes wash and dry ($3.50 for everything). 20190503_205900(Our “camp site” for tonight!)

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Amarillo for the 2nd of our anticipated 4 days in Texas (unsure if we’ll take a rest day there).

Hoping the winds will turn back in our favor!!

Until our next post….


5 thoughts on “Friday, May 3rd – Day 31 – Tucumcari, NM to Adrian, TX

    1. Thanks, Ruth! It just happened to be that way! It was an afterthought, if you can believe that!! We’re only sad that we’re not able to share this adventure with PB&J. We’re glad, though, that they’re home and Peggy’s recuperating. We’re wishing her a speedy recovery.


    1. Thanks, Becky! It’s quite an experience. We’re only sad that we’re not able to share it with PB&J. We’re glad, though, that they’re home and Peggy’s recuperating. We’re wishing her a speedy recovery.


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