Thursday, May 9th – Day 37 – Elk City to Hinton

Screenshot_20190509-175805_Ride with GPSBest part of the day: Winning at the slots!

Worst part of the day: Cold and crosswinds!

Distance: 62 miles Riding Time: 5hrs 41min

Bed count: 21 Sleeping Bag count: 16

This morning woke up around 6 with thunder, heavy showers and cold temps in the 40’s. The local news’ morning weather report said it possibly could hail and that this was a record cold for this time of year.

Once again, had breakfast provided by the hotel and we were on our way around 8ish. A couple of days ago, the winds were out of the south giving us mild temperatures. These last couple of days it was totally opposite!! The north winds make it even colder, so, we were forced to bundle up again.

Everything was wet and we saw a lot flooded ditches as we rode. It was a very slow start on the ACA route (frontage road/Route 66), only went 7 miles in just almost an hour! Seemed like it took us forever with fighting crosswinds in the high teens and low 20’s.

We went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to hop on I-40 for the 63 miles all the way into Bridgeport or stay on the frontage roads, the ACA route. After the slow go, we said “screw this, let’s jump onto I-40 and take advantage of the trucks and cars to shield us and also give us a push.” That was the best thing we did and we were able go a lot faster.

We were still chilled when we found a McDonald’s in the town of Clinton. Ordered a cup of coffee each and tried their new chicken McGriddle sandwich. Bought a couple more to have for later. 20190509_105110(Chatted with another couple from San Diego who are driving to Tennessee for a wedding took this shot at this McDonald’s.)

All day it was overcast, cold, and an ever present northwind. The sun made a brief appearance around 12:30, but, other than that, we kept an eye on the gray clouds hoping that they wouldn’t amount to anything. Fay struggled to drink enough on her ride today. It was hard to get a drink without being the fear of being blown over by the crosswinds and trucks whizzing by.

For tonight, we got a room at the Sugar Creek Inn and Suites. It has an associated casino that is near by. The hotel has a shuttle for guests for transport to and from the casino. The hotel had a great deal. On Sundays through Thursdays, for $60.00 you got a $20.00 food voucher and $20.00 in free play at the casino!

We definitely took advantage of the free play. Rob also got an extra $10.00 cause of his recent birthday. And they also gave Fay an extra $10.00 for our slightly less recent anniversary. Had some luck on our two slot machines as we ended up clearing $57.00! Rob also got a complimentary ice cream sundae for his birthday.

Our room is nice, but, a lot smaller that our past queen-sized bed motels rooms. It’s almost college dorm size with applicable furniture to match! We were able to make the bikes fit in the room, but, it was a bit cramped.20190509_152403

Tomorrow, we head to Rob’s brother’s place in Mustang. At around 45 miles, it’ll be our shortest ride day in over a week! We’ll take another day off there for a good visit with him and his wife!

Until our next post….


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