Wednesday, May 8th – Day 36 – Rest/Storm Day in Elk City

Best part of the day:     Doing nothing

Worst part of the day:  Thunderstorms and rain

Distance: 0                      Riding Time: 0

Bed count: 20                 Sleeping Bag count: 16

Watched the weather channel last night and couldn’t believe all the rain and thunderstorms that were moving through Oklahoma. The news people really kept you informed on tornadoes and they got so excited when one appeared. Never experienced that kind of storm with tornadoes.

This town had a lot of rain and certain parts were flooded, just too much rain at one time. We really wanted to push forward this morning, but, we played it smart by deciding to take a rest day and let any flooded areas recede. We just didn’t want to take any chances.

So, this morning we had breakfast provided by the hotel then came back to our room and worked on a lot of the rest of our route for the remainder of the day. It was a lot of planning and calling campgrounds. Because sometimes when we call, they say, “sorry, we don’t have tent camping anymore”, even though the ACA map info listed that they did. So we’re glad we’re calling to double check.

For lunch, we had our flour tortillas with peanut butter and jelly. As for dinner, Fay finally got to use the Angel hair pasta that Rob had been carrying since Santa Fe! Fay used the coffee maker to get some hot water and poured it into our Jet Boil to save time and our Jet Boil fuel. Boiled up some pasta and used couple packets of the leftover package sauce from Peggy and Jerry from back when we were back in Amboy. That was a long time ago!! Fay also cooked up a package of her pork ramen that she’s been carrying around for several weeks too. Tried to eat up whatever we’ve been carrying in our panniers. We didn’t feel like going out just wanted to stay in and eat and relax. And that’s exactly what we did.

Later this afternoon, another storm cell blew it’s way through Elk City. Heavy rain. We got not one, but, two perfect, beautiful rainbows.

(Stepped outside after the rain had stopped. This is the 2nd of two rainbows that appeared out of our room’s window after the rain stoppage!)

Tonight, Rob was happy because he was able to watch his San Jose Sharks beat Colorado in game 7 to get to the Stanley Cup Western Conference Final. Most of the time, the hotels where we’ve stayed didn’t have it available on the TV channels, so, he had to watch the games on his phone. Or, we‘ve been camping and there’s no place to watch it except on his phone.

Tomorrow, we return to the road, maybe just taking a lot of the interstate to avoid possible Route 66 road flooding. We’ll try to stay on route, off the interstate, but, we won’t hesitate to jump on I-40, if the situation warrants.

Until out next post….


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