Friday, May 10th – Day 38 – Hinton to Mustang

Screenshot_20190510-090025_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day: Excited to see Jim and Margie

Worst part of the day: Cold, darn cross and head winds

Distance: 47miles Riding Time: 4hrs 47min

Bed count: 22 Sleeping Bag count: 16

This morning woke up feeling ready again to tackle the winds. Well, no not really! Wanted to get an early start but didn’t leave till around 8:30ish. We met this guy in the lobby area while we were getting our coffee and eating our own breakfast who talked a lot about a new, $300,000 truck he picked up in Amarillo and the adventure just to get from his home in Tennessee to Amarillo because of the storms!

It was about a mile ride to get back on Route 66. For the first 5 miles, there was no shoulder and was little scary because a lot of cars and trucks were buzzing by really fast. We’ve read from other blogs that riding in Oklahoma that the drivers here are not very pleasant. We thought were going to get hit, but, the cars and trucks played nice. We then rode upon a famous pony truss bridge, the William H. Murray bridge. It’s a Route 66 icon about ¾ of a mile long.

20190510_083856(Getting ready to ride over The William H. Murray pony truss bridge. It’s listed as the longest open truss bridge in the country! See

Once we got to the other side there was a decent shoulder, but, a mile-plus climb into the wind!! A nice way to be greeted in the morning.

Our route continued eastward back onto Route 66. The road here was a fairly narrow, 2-lane, concrete, no shoulder path! And lots of rolling hills!! And the ever-present northeast wind just smacking us in the face.20190510_094250(You can see how pretty narrow this section of Route 66 is and one the rollers we had.)

We made our first stop in the small town of El Reno. We found a grocery store a ways in where we got some orange juice to go with our last of our peanut butter/jelly mix on our flour tortillas. We had that and our leftover waffles from couple days ago from the hotel in Elk City. Everything tastes so good when you ride and have a load to carry. You don’t care how old it is! Well, as long as it still looks and smells good. This town was impacted a bit by the opening of I-40, but, just on the western outskirts is a federal prison and we’re betting that it’s employees plus the surrounding farm and cattle ranches help to keep it alive.

The next town we encountered was Yukon. 20190510_131937(Yukon appears to have a favorite son!!)

The town has the famous Yukon Flour Mill. It’s used now just for grain storage. It gets lit up at night for all to see. 20190510_133447

This town with a population of around 22,000 appeared to continue growing as we saw some very nice, new houses under construction.

Finally, we made the turn southward towards Mustang (deviating from the ACA route) and had tailwinds for 8 miles to Rob’s brother’s place. We were in heaven for once as we got some relief from the winds for the first time in a long while! On that 4-lane stretch of SR4, it was signed as a bike route, but, didn’t have a defined bike lane. There were also signs said that cyclists could take the whole right-hand traffic lane. But, of course, we tried to stay as far to the right as possible because this road was a busy north/south artery where the speed limit was 55mph and cars went whizzing by. For the most part, though, they were very good about moving over and giving us a lot of room.

One of the things we noticed with all of the houses, new and existing, around Yukon and Mustang were the same-ness in the roofs: single, tall, high-pitched style. Not sure why!

We reached Jim and Margie’s house where the last time we were here for a visit, we were on our way to ride RAGBRAI in Iowa 2012. They have a beautiful and immaculate home.

Rob’s rear wheel problem never fully got resolved despite the efforts back in Amarillo. After getting cleaned up at Jim and Margie’s, he called 4 OKC bike shops hoping that one might have a rear rim to replace his problematic one, luckily getting a hit on one of them, Pro Bikes in OKC. Borrowing Jim’s Explorer, we took Rob’s bike to the shop about 30 min away and the owner, John, got it changed out in about 30 minutes for $80 total!! Real nice and very knowledgeable guy!! Fay went into the Walmart which was real close to the bike shop to replenish some of our supplies for the next couple of days.

When we got back, Jim and Margie had a wonderful dinner prepared for us. They called it Mexican Mountain. It was so nice to have a real home cooked meal. We were so looking forward to it. We’d been eating out and buying our food supplies wherever available, and, getting kind of tired of eating processed and package meals.

Margie did a load of wash for us while we were away and when we got back home, we threw that load into the dryer. Now we just need to wash our sleeping bags and jackets which we’ll do tomorrow.

It rained pretty good last night, but, no thunder storms. So once again was nice to be inside.

Until post post….


2 thoughts on “Friday, May 10th – Day 38 – Hinton to Mustang

  1. I love that you ate days old waffles. I remember you remarking on our journal about eating days old pizza from bottom of a pannier.


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