Saturday, May 11th – Day 39 – Rest day in Mustang

Best part of the day: Stanley Cup Western Conference Final Game 1 to San Jose!!

Worst part of the day: Nothing!

Distance: 0 miles Riding Time: 0hrs 0min

Bed count: 23 Sleeping Bag count: 16

Not a whole lot happened today. Jim and Margie fixed us a nice breakfast in the morning.

After that, we completed a few remaining chores: washing the sleeping bags and our down jackets, cleaning the bikes’ drivetrains, and finish determining our evening’s destinations for the remainder of the trip.

In the evening after dinner, Margie made chocolate chip cookies for dessert (which always sits well with us!!) while Rob worked on plotting a number of our future routes into Ride With GPS, and at the same time, watching his San Jose Sharks beat St. Louis, 6-3, at the Shark Tank!!

Just before bedtime, got most of our bags packed up ready for a fairly early morning departure.

We couldn’t thank Margie and Jim enough for all of their hospitality!!20190512_080659

Until our next post….


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