Sunday, May 12th – Day 40 – Mustang to Chandler/Davenport

Screenshot_20190512-170715_Ride with GPS
Best part of the day: A number of Route 66 Nostalgic Spots

Worst part of the day: Lots of traffic and no <expletive> shoulders!

Distance: 74 miles Riding Time: 6hrs 30min

Bed count: 23 Sleeping Bag count: 17

6:30 came too early for us, but, we wanted to get an early start due to winds. Jim was up even earlier getting breakfast ready for us: blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon. What family does for each other!!

We said our thank you’s and goodbye’s and were off a little after 8. The roads north out of Mustang to get back on route had very little shoulder if any, but, also not a lot of traffic.

About 8.4 miles later, we were back on the ACA map route heading towards Lake Overholser and the Route 66 Overholser Bridge! Stopped there to take a couple of picture and quickly chatted with a couple of women from Montreal, Canada. One was riding a motor tricycle and her friend was following in a regular car.20190512_09054520190512_090638

Continuing our eastward route through Oklahoma City, we came upon this neat little, old Route 66 place, Ann’s Chicken Fry House. It wasn’t open, but, had cool some 50s nostalgic stuff outside.20190512_09310720190512_093204

We eventually made our way out of OKC and headed north toward Edmond about 8 miles away. Lots of rolling hills on the 4-lane road where we finally had our first defined bike lane for only about a mile or so. Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas are growing, but, it doesn’t seem like their making these new neighborhood bicycle friendly.

Navigating our way through Edmond, we’d been riding for almost 3 hours and in need of a break. Saw an Arby’s, but, it was closed!! On a building next door, there was the fantastic Route 66 mural. 20190512_11171620190512_111821

Found a place for lunch, a large, Midwest burger chain called “Whataburger”. One of Fay’s friends had recommended we go to one at least once on our trip and here was our opportunity. Our burgers were good as was the service! When the server brought out our order, she also had a tray of ketchup packets, salt and pepper, and napkins, too!! Pretty cool!!

Riding on, we made our way out of Edmond and now eastward. More rolling hills passed some pretty nice gated and ungated residential neighborhoods! Coming into the small town of Arcadia, we made a stop at a place called Pops 66. It’s a combination of restaurant, convenience store, and gas station. But, what makes this place stand out are the 800 different varieties of soda pop!! 20190512_13111020190512_130945(above: That’s their location “sign”. below: There are rows and rows of these soda bottles inside the restaurant!)

A little further along the road in Arcadia is the famous Route 66 round barn!! Why it was built in a round fashion back in 1898, we haven’t been able to ascertain. But, it is a big tourist attraction.20190513_055034

Now, our route brought us on the most stressful part of the day. Most of these next 8 miles had big rollers and no shoulder, and even worse, a number of impatient OK drivers zipping around us passing on blind corners and hills!! Sometimes getting a little too close! We waved “thank you” to those drivers who waited for the road ahead to be safe to pass us, but, there were many other morons who didn’t.

Managed to reach the next town, Luther, and it’s convenience store where we stopped for an ice cream break! The weather had warmed up and the ice cream tasted so good! Back on the bike, we now had a few miles of a wonderful road and shoulder! Still those rollers as you can see by the amount of climbing we had today. But, alas, all good things come to an end and we were once more back to no shoulders and constant callouts to each other of “car back!”

The ACA route took us off of the main Route 66 and through a nice, small, quiet town of Wellston. We waved and said “good afternoon” to residents who happened to be outside and our greetings were reciprocated.

Now back on Route 66, it was more of the same: rollers and no shoulder. Arriving in Chandler (of course, climbing a hill to get into town!), we found a grocery store at the east end, Atwood, and picked up some things for tonight’s dinner. Fay had cooked up some spaghetti pasta the night before, so, she picked up some a sauce topping, a bag salad, flavored water and of course, cookies for dessert!

Finally we arrived at our evening’s lodging, the Oak Glen RV Park, a few miles past Chander. Fay had called them on our rest day in Mustang to see if tent camping was available, which it was. Randy, one of the owners, showed us where we could set up. It was a nice grassy area right next to a pavilion. He said we could set up in there, if we’d like. So, we did. We were real close to the bath house (shower and restroom combined). The RV Park’s storm shelter (i.e. tornado) is right next to it! 20190512_18425020190512_184400

Got the tent up, showered and brought our dinner up inside the office area (they had a microwave inside, yeah!!)).20190512_173223(Our set up for the night in the pavilion.)

It was a tough day today and we’ll most likely sleep very well tonight albeit on concrete floor of the pavilion.

Tomorrow, we head for Tulsa (65 miles) and our 2nd Warm Showers host. Looking forward to meeting this couple.

Until our next post…


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